A Must of Rome

When we were in Rome, there were one thing that no one can skip it. The Colosseum, greatest creation of the Roman. Guarantee from crowded visitors at the Metro in front of the Colosseum.

I was so lucky, the line to enter the place was short and I use
d the elevator to the top of Colosseum. Sunny, warm, a few tourists.

From the Colosseum, I saw the Roman Forum where ancient Roman used it as the meeting place.
After city tour, the Spanish step was my destination and I spent 2-3 hours around here. For (windows) luxury goods shopping and ended  at Barbington Tea Room, the British fav drink spot among expresso society of the Italian.

Last day in Rome, Vatican city was the highlight. St. Peter's basilica is grand and worth to worship. 

During the trip, Italian building and life were something I was into. See the houses on the hill and final photo.... broken scooters.  

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