UK in My Memory

London is always the cool destination,visitors will earn a lot of things to do. From historic attractions to modern innovations. 

When we visit first place, we can't stop exploring the next place and time pass so quick. But we're never bored by walking for long hour.

"London Eye" is one of the symbol of new millennium such as Colosseum is the symbol the Greek - Roman era. Each Capsule cabin is contained 20-30 persons with capital panoramic view. 

A Must of Rome

When we were in Rome, there were one thing that no one can skip it. The Colosseum, greatest creation of the Roman. Guarantee from crowded visitors at the Metro in front of the Colosseum.

I was so lucky, the line to enter the place was short and I use
d the elevator to the top of Colosseum. Sunny, warm, a few tourists.

From the Colosseum, I saw the Roman Forum where ancient Roman used it as the meeting place.
After city tour, the Spanish step was my destination and I spent 2-3 hours around here. For (windows) luxury goods shopping and ended  at Barbington Tea Room, the British fav drink spot among expresso society of the Italian.

Last day in Rome, Vatican city was the highlight. St. Peter's basilica is grand and worth to worship. 

During the trip, Italian building and life were something I was into. See the houses on the hill and final photo.... broken scooters.  

Dog of Verona

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My visit to Verona on November, 2011 not just strolling in old town and imagined about Romeo and Juliet. I've found Verona is so charming with ancient wall, one of oldest arena, town hall, beautiful building and open market.

Town Gate, Verona


I went to Juliet house and not missed to touch her breast and make a wish. Surprisingly, I saw the Romeo and Juliet for our era posting on the balcony!!

Touching Juliet's Breast and Make a Wish

Romeo & Juliet 2010

From Juliet house, there was a cloth shop attracted me by cutie pet in their window display. I went to see it in front of the shop window. Very creative, it's a doll who can move slowly and look to the shoppers.

Let's see.....