Diamond Wall is Kamphaeng Phet

 The origin of the strong town walls.

Kamphaeng Phet is named the town that specializes in the battle against the enemies of the fortress and military valor, through the history both Sukhothai and Ayutthaya era.

Why? The wise construction of the walls is the answer.  The walls are strong and advantageous position is located at the intruder. Blockade of an enemy town cannot put pressure on people in the town. Because our water system from the surrounding moat are well equipped.

The strength of the construction of town walls is a laterite, unlike most of other towns, the soil. By placing the laterite blocks stacked into a wall about 3 metered high, then scoop out the soil inside the town walls. Laterite wall to accommodate more resistant to destruction.

When the enemy attempts to penetrate the outer town wall across the moat into a vertical wall, using a ladder leaning on the wall and then climb out. The people on the rampart and forts can take advantage from the higher location. To overcome is the difficulties.

Wat Chang Lom, Arunyik Site
The use of a gun or artillery bombardment faced with laterite wall with a ridge up the rear cannot break the wall. If to besiege the city for a long time, the people can use the moat as a source of drinking water without trouble.

If the enemy army is settle too long, troops from the capital can be raised to help at a later time. The enemy has to retreat because they cannot cope with the two sides of the battle.

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