Kamphaeng Phet Visit Part I


Wat Phra Si Iriyabot, Arunyik Site
Kamphaeng Phet is a small province, located on the Upper Central region. Sometimes people say that the Lower North. The city has a population of about 30,000. There are some areas to speak the local language.

Getting There & Away
By Bus - Bangkok - Kamphaeng Phet distance of 358 km.
Kamphaeng Phet bus station is 1km from town.

2 options from Mor Chit 2 (Bangkok Bus Terminal)

1. Air-con bus Bangkok – Kamphaeng Phet (5-6 hours)
Win Tour is recommended.
Win Tour bus Kamphaeng Phet - Sukhothai also available. (1 - 1.30 hours)

2. VIP bus in Bangkok - Chiang Mai (5-6 hours)
VIP bus take time faster and seats are more comfortable.

Please inform the ticket sales staff that you want to get off at Kamphaeng Phet, the price will be charged according to distance.
Tickets can not book in advance and depending on seat availability.
The bus drops you off at the bus station outside town only.
You can book ticket from Kamphaeng Phet to Chaing Mai by taking these VIP buses also.

Indra Tour, New Viriya Tour and Sombat Tour are recommended.  

By Private car - Take Asia Highway, Bangkok - Chiang Mai for 4 hours.

Getting Around
For public transportation, the visitors must hire tricycle, motorcycle taxi or public minibus. Please agree on price before taking service. Kamphaeng Phet is a small city. We'll take a few minutes to any destinations. English communication may have in trouble but not serious. Thai people are friendly and smile.

Visitors could ask the hotel staffs in advance about hiring a motorcycle, a bike or an air-con van with driver, or bus station transfer service.

Ton Bodhi (Roundabout fountain)
Historical Park Visitor Centre is not far from Ton Bodhi; the trade area and the bus stops of the town with shops, restaurants, banks, clinics and police station.

Ideal as a meeting point as well. The exactly point is at the Bodhi tree in front of 7-11 mini mart on the corner of the roundabout fountain. 7-11 opened 24 hours, it is quite a safe place for waiting.

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